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Pricing Adjustments

Dear Valued Practitioners, We are always looking to bring you the best possible value out of KPC’s products. Therefore, we often avoid adjusting our prices while continually providing the highest quality herbs. However, due to the cost increases we have experienced over the past years, we can no longer prolong the inevitable. Below, we have

Protecting Our Environment

As a team, KPC, Biotanico, and Kaiser Pharmaceutical are committed to preserving the environment and to integrating green concepts throughout the supply chain. From raw materials to finished products, KPC practices responsible recycling and reduces material waste to help protect resources for future generations. KPC’s philosophy “Preserving Nature’s Way” is reflected in the following ways:

ISO/TC249 Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine

With the ever increasing global recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), an international standardization is needed in order to further the development of the industry across the world.  The ISO/TC249 was established in 2009 with this mission in mind. With its initial scope being standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ISO/TC249 technical committees focus on

Innovation in Healthy Lifestyle: Biotanico Inc.

Building from the foundation of Kaiser Pharmaceutical, Biotanico Inc., the new biotechnology plant located in Tainan Science Park, aims to further the development of natural herbal and nutraceutical supplements. Starting from pure and natural ingredients through its state-of-the-art facility, Biotanico is able to achieve industry-leading OBM/ODM services by providing products with unsurpassed safety, efficacy and