KPC Herbs offers its customers herbal supplements of unparalleled quality and safety. Our products are the result of selecting the best raw herbs and utilizing world-class quality assurance at every stage of our manufacturing process. Our family has upheld these standards of excellence for five generations.

Our Mission

KPC Herbs wants customers around the world to enjoy greater wellness, safely and naturally, through the best quality Chinese herbs

We want to make Chinese herbs and their benefits available to as many men and women as possible. To achieve this goal, KPC has combined generations of wisdom about the healing powers of Chinese herbs with state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and industry-leading quality control. By offering the safest and most effective herbal products on the market, global consumers can use our herbal supplements in complete confidence and enjoy greater well-being.

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Our extremely fine granules are easy to take and absorb. Place the granules in mouth and wash down with warm water to get your supplemental needs in seconds.
We use 100% natural, vegetable-based capsule shells to encapsulate herbal granules for greater ease and convenience for your patients
Our tablets contain our high-quality granules compressed using an extremely-advanced technique, without the use of any binding material


Practitioners around the world can rely on KPC Herbs commitment to quality when fulfilling their custom orders. With KPC’s OEM services, you can deliver carefully selected and rigorously tested herbs and formulas to your customers with your own labeling. Your patients will enjoy the quality and safety of KPC herbs products while you can fully leverage your brand. Our clients trust our products because we adhere to the most stringent pharmaceutical manufacturing standards in the world as well as internationally-recognized quality assurance measures.

Custom Formats

We work with our customers to deliver Chinese herbs in additional formats that will not compromise their effectiveness.


KPC Herbs rigorously complies with leading, international pharmaceutical standards, which include:
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration Health Safety Regulation (TGA) & Australia’s Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) GMP — TGA and PIC/S represent the world’s strictest pharmaceutical manufacturing standards and are universally recognized, providing the highest level of confidence worldwide.
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice — cGMP — this FDA protocol governs the design, monitoring and control of manufacturing systems and facilities, with the goal of ensuring that every aspect of production meets the highest safety, quality and verification standards.
KPC goes further. KPC has adopted internationally-recognized ISO quality-management system prac-tices and regularly and voluntarily subjects all of its manufacturing operations to rigorous, independent third-party inspections, in compliance with ISO standards. Today, KPC complies with numerous ISO protocols, including:
  • ISO 17025 — regulates critical laboratory techniques, ensuring accurate and precise measurements can be obtained for analysis.
  • ISO 9001 — standardizes and governs all manufacturing operations, ensuring reproducible quality.
  • ISO 22000 HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) — regulates food safety through continual monitoring of the levels of potential contaminants.

Raw Herb Screening and Testing

KPC performs critical testing of raw herbs prior to the manufacture of its herbal products. Our testing includes:
  • Species Identification — ensuring that the right herbs reach consumers is among the most crucial aspects of manufacturing. KPC tests every batch of herbs to verify the authenticity of its contents before any additional steps are taken. Batch-level verification data are traceable and maintained indefinitely.
  • Contaminant Screening — contaminants not only compromise the effectiveness of herbal products but also pose serious harm to consumers. KPC tests for the most common and dangerous of these substances, including heavy metals, pesticides, carcinogens and preservatives.

Our History

Kaiser Pharmaceutical (KP) began as a family business five generations ago. The founder of Kaiser Pharmaceutical, Tsai Liang Hai, arrived in Taiwan and began selling herbs from his small shop in 1892. His goal then was simple; he wanted to provide the highest quality herbs possible to better the wellness of his customers.

KPC Products, Inc., the U.S. Office for Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co., maintains that tradition today. KPC Herbs has established itself as one of the most respected producers of premium quality Chinese herbs, herbal extracts and herbal preparations in the world. Modern scientific processing methods and rigorous quality control standards bring the long-understood benefits of Chinese herbs to today’s patients, safely and reliably.

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