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What are the Most Important Certifications to Look Out For in TCM Herbs?

KPC Herbs believes strongly in the benefits that Traditional Chinese Medicine gives today’s consumers. But how can you ensure that the herbs you are taking are safe, of outstanding quality, and able to deliver on their intended benefits? That’s where understanding manufacturing certification plays a vital role. Modern manufacturing technologies and testing protocols ensure that…

What Are The Best Chinese Herbs For The Immune System?

Posted on Oct. 14, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve the overall health of individuals who take herbal supplements. While TCM is not designed to treat specific symptoms, it is meant instead to improve the natural functions of the body as a whole. Herbs and formulas “can help you regain balance in your body and strengthen your body’s resistance to…

Find a Licensed Acupuncturist or TCM Practitioner by State

Here is where you can find a licensed acupuncturist or TCM practitioner by state The right qualifications and experience matter when it comes to choosing which TCM practitioner you see for your care. It is imperative to select a licensed practitioner or acupuncturist who can safely and effectively prescribe the right herbal supplements that can…

The Science Behind TCM

In recent years, scientists have begun to study the pharmacology of Chinese herbs with increasing rigor, focusing on the compounds which they deliver and studying their pathways in the human body. These studies aim to provide statistical evidence to support our understanding of the benefits that Chinese herbs and formulas offer. Many observations of the…

Navigating The Herb Buying Process

Selecting a company to supply the herbs and formulas you prescribe your patients can be a difficult process for many practitioners, especially for those who are just starting out. There are multiple companies to choose from, and many facets of each company that you will need to have a clear understanding of before making any…

Why Choose KPC Products For OEM Manufacturing

Practitioners seeking to develop their brand and better serve their clients have many choices when selecting an OEM partner for their practice. Such a decision should be well considered. The value of your brand and the health of your clients can be significantly impacted by the selection you make. KPC Herbs wants to help make…

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