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Where to Buy Traditional Chinese Medicine

Buying herbal supplements now seems easier than ever. Today, consumers can go online and find many online retailers specializing in herbal products and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They can also visit traditional stores where they can buy these products in-person. In fact, the availability of herbs is no longer the problem. The real challenge is assessing…

What are the differences between herbal granules, capsules and tablets?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are a wide variety of herbs and formulas available which are used to alleviate an equally broad array of concerns. However, after you’ve been diagnosed by a licensed TCM practitioner and received your prescription, you will likely be considering some important questions, like: What are the major differences between granules,…

Ethical Sourcing in Traditional Chinese Medicine

As interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine has increased in recent years, so, too, have concerns over the ethical sourcing of the raw materials used in its formulations. Beyond concerns over the demand for certain animal parts, the growing demand for TCM products worldwide has also increased pressure on farmers to meet the needs for raw…

Meet The Team Behind KPC Herbs Products

KPC Herbs will visit many trade shows this year which will give practitioners like yourself a wonderful opportunity to meet our team of herbal supplement specialists, distributors and other practitioners who use and prescribe KPC Herbs’ products. By visiting our booth at one of these shows, you can finally put a face to a name…

How To Choose The Right TCM Herbal Products Supplier

Practitioners want to provide their patients with responsible care. One of the ways they can do this is prescribing the right herbs. As a practitioner, you cannot control all aspects of patient care — for example, whether your patients follow your dosage recommendations and guidelines or decoct their herbs properly. However, you can control which…

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