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How TCMs are Processed

KPC Herbs has always strived to strike a balance between tradition and innovation. Our herbal supplements represent centuries of knowledge from TCM masters and five generations of wisdom from our own family. Alongside our respect for time-honored practices, we maintain a continuous search for new and better ways to serve our customers. From instituting new…

Most Common Chinese Herb Formulas

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest systems of health care in the world. For thousands of years, practitioners of TCM have taken a holistic approach to understanding and improving the function of the body. TCM is rooted in the idea that the human body contains a set of interconnected systems and energies…

We Support Our Practitioners And Community

Posted on Jul. 2, 2020

As a health-focused institution, KPC Herbs is committed to supporting the Traditional Chinese Medicine community through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission has always been to help practitioners succeed in business and share the benefits of TCM around the world. This critical moment has made our mission more vital than ever, and we are taking steps…

Chinese Herb Storage Do’s and Don’ts

Once you receive your premium herbal products from KPC Herbs, it is essential that you store them properly in order to maintain optimal freshness. Correct storage of Chinese herbs helps to preserve the quality and efficacy of the formulas you purchase, ensuring your patients receive the greatest benefits from your prescriptions. Proper storage also helps…

Optimal Herbal Inventory

One of the most integral parts of your TCM business is inventory management. By effectively managing your inventory, you ensure you have the right herbs in the right quantity at the right time to meet your clients’ needs. Accurate inventory control is vital to maintaining the delicate balance between practice revenue and patient satisfaction. The…

KPC Chinese Herb FAQs

Posted on May. 13, 2020

1. Where do your raw materials come from? It is important to us to engage in ethical sourcing practices. We partner with farmers around the world who share our commitment to ethical growing and harvesting. Many of these farmers use farming methods that produce quality herbs and have a positive impact on the environment. KPC…

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