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Do Chinese Herbs Have Side Effects?

Many patients new to TCM ask about potential “side effects” that Chinese Herbs may have. However, the term side effects – meaning the ill effects of a prescribed treatment – originates from Western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine has no corresponding concept. Instead, practitioners of Chinese medicine would view problems that arise from treatment as the…

The Best Chinese Herbs for Beauty

Products derived from nature are taking over the beauty world. But before natural ingredients became popular, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was using plants and herbs to promote beauty from the inside out. KPC Herbs offers clients the highest quality TCM formulas to restore balance, reduce toxicities and improve overall wellbeing, leading to a healthy body…

What Formulas are Best for Food Digestion?

The holidays have nearly arrived and that means that many great and perhaps over-the-top meals probably lie ahead of you. With so many elaborate meals to enjoy at work, home and with friends, it is all too easy to eat and drink a little too much and find yourself battling an unpleasant case of indigestion…

What are the Most Important Certifications to Look Out For in TCM Herbs?

KPC Herbs believes strongly in the benefits that Traditional Chinese Medicine gives today’s consumers. But how can you ensure that the herbs you are taking are safe, of outstanding quality, and able to deliver on their intended benefits? That’s where understanding manufacturing certification plays a vital role. Modern manufacturing technologies and testing protocols ensure that…

What Are The Best Chinese Herbs For The Immune System?

Posted on Oct. 14, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve the overall health of individuals who take herbal supplements. While TCM is not designed to treat specific symptoms, it is meant instead to improve the natural functions of the body as a whole. Herbs and formulas “can help you regain balance in your body and strengthen your body’s resistance to…

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