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Highest Quality From Crop To Bottle

Quality matters. Quality matters to our customers, who trust that we provide safe and authentic herbal products they can confidently use in their practice. Quality matters to their patients, who count on their TCM practitioners to provide effective herbal remedies that enhance their health and well-being. Quality matters to our team, who take great pride…

Chinese Extracts for Building the Immune System

Chinese medicine has a rich history of examining, understanding and optimizing the nuances of the human body. This system has traditionally emphasized the prevention of disease and the general improvement of well-being over the treatment of existing illness or specific symptoms. In TCM, illness is seen as the result of imbalances within the body that…

How TCMs are Processed

KPC Herbs has always strived to strike a balance between tradition and innovation. Our herbal supplements represent centuries of knowledge from TCM masters and five generations of wisdom from our own family. Alongside our respect for time-honored practices, we maintain a continuous search for new and better ways to serve our customers. From instituting new…

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