OEM Services & Private Label Manufacturing

Practitioners can now offer their patients KPC’s quality herbs in their own custom formulas, complete with their own labeling. By private labeling your products with KPC Herbs’ OEM services, you and your patients can enjoy the full benefits which KPC Herbs provides while simultaneously strengthening your own brand. The advantages we provide include direct sourcing of top quality herbs, intensive species verification, comprehensive contaminant testing, stage-by-stage quality assurance and multiple form factors for maximum convenience. KPC Herbs’ OEM services focus on building your brand and providing you with absolute peace of mind that you and your patients are receiving the best herbal products available. Contact us today to get started on the OEM process with us.

KPC Herbs will produce your formulas to your specifications, so that you can treat your patients the way you believe is best. You will be able to prescribe these herbal formulations with complete confidence, thanks to our extensive quality-assurance practices, which include compliance with the strictest ISO certifications worldwide. You can find more details about working with KPC as your OEM partner below.

KPC Herbs Manufactures Custom Herb Formulas That Satisfy Your Specific Needs

At KPC Herbs, customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority. To ensure you receive the herbs, herb formulas and packaging you and your customers need, we have built our OEM manufacturing capabilities with your needs in mind. KPC Herbs can produce all kinds of herbal products according to your needs, including instant-dissolving herbal granules, capsules and tablets, as well as other products such as herbal teas and more. We can also accommodate additional formats upon request. Whichever type you select, we will help you manufacture the specific, custom herbs or herb formulas you choose.

KPC Herbs also does not combine any of our herbal products with pharmaceutical products, in strict compliance with FDA regulations (FDA CFR 21). We also never use any preservatives in our products. We manufacture only natural, sustainably-sourced products, free from chemicals or other additives. Also, every KPC Herbs product and custom product strictly complies with our own rigorous quality-control standards as well as the most stringent pharmaceutical standards in the world, such as the TGA PIC/S and FDA cGMP certifications.

KPC Herbs Gives You Everything You Need To Satisfy Your Business Requirements and Patients

KPC Herbs creates our OEM products with the same attention to quality and safety that we pay to our own products. We meticulously execute on every aspect of herb and formula production because each step is critical to the final products that our customers will use. KPC Herbs begins by maintaining personal relationships with all of our herb growers and uses state-of-the-art lab equipment and practices to verify the identify of raw herbs before producing our products. Verifiable quality assurance at every subsequent stage further ensures that buyers can use all of our products with complete confidence.

While we do offer our customers the option of ordering bulk granules, we strongly recommend that you use our reliable bottling services to package your granules for you. You will want to ensure that your bottling provider meets the same national and international standards that your herb provider does, including FDA cGMP, GMP or NSF certifications. This aspect of delivery is as crucial to your customer’s wellbeing and reputation as are the herbs you offer. When you choose to have KPC bottle your herbs, you can enjoy maximum convenience, simplifying your buying process.

If you choose KPC as your OEM partner, the only aspect your business will be responsible for is creating a label design that accurately reflects your brand. You know your company and customers best, so this step — coupled with KPC’s tested and qualified products — gives your company the greatest advantage. Customers should note, however, that the labels they create should comply with all FDA regulations, and we strongly encourage you to work with your legal counsel to avoid any inadvertent issues.

A Few Things You Need To Know About Working With KPC as Your OEM Provider

KPC manufactures products to meet your individual business’ criteria, and very seldom do two businesses or product requests have identical requirements. Lead times and pricing for manufacturing requests, as a result, also vary. Here’s how KPC can help you get the information and the products you need to satisfy your business’ and customers’ requirements.

Lead Times

Lead times depend on the specifics of your order and are affected by the formulas, herbs and form factors you request and the packaging you select. Consequently, delivery timeframes will differ from client to client and from order to order. Your KPC client representative can help you plan to accommodate your delivery requirements, however. Talk to them about your product specifications and when you want your products delivered and we can outline the specific lead times your order will have and when you can expect delivery. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule wherever we can.


Because we make each product expressly to fulfill your specific order, we do not give our clients estimates or “ballpark” quotes. Every quote we provide will be based on the specific ingredients requested, quantities used and the total number of units you need to fulfill for your order. Since so many factors affect the price of each order, individual quotes can vary widely, even if two orders have the same final unit quantities. However, our representatives are happy to produce a detailed quote for you based on your unique requirements, which KPC will honor. There will be no surprises when you receive your final invoice.

KPC Herbs shares your mission of helping individuals achieve deeper wellbeing, naturally

KPC Herbs believes strongly in the power of Chinese herbs and formulas to improve the wellbeing of individuals everywhere, safely and naturally. For this reason and many others, we want to support our distributors and the practitioners who rely on our products fully to extend their reach and help more individuals discover and enjoy these benefits.

This has been the mission of KPC Herbs for five generations and continues to drive every aspect of our business today, including our OEM services. Call and speak to a KPC representative now about how you can leverage KPC’s commitment to quality and safety to grow your own business. As always, we wish you the best of health.

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