What Formulas are Best for Food Digestion?

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The holidays have nearly arrived and that means that many great and perhaps over-the-top meals probably lie ahead of you. With so many elaborate meals to enjoy at work, home and with friends, it is all too easy to eat and drink a little too much and find yourself battling an unpleasant case of indigestion afterward. This is entirely natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

However, if this should happen to you, you will likely want a healthy way to find relief. TCM offers many formulas and pills that help digestion so that you can quickly overcome the unpleasant consequences of holiday overindulgence and feel like your old self again, quickly. In fact, TCM’s natural approach to wellness may be one of the best choices you make for your body this season.

TCM Offers You Many Natural and Effective Supplements for Digestive Problems

The practice of TCM has spanned thousands of years, and over time, practitioners have developed numerous formulas that may help improve a wide range of health problems, including digestive issues. You can safely use the following formulas — under the guidance of your practitioner — to recover from these common symptoms of overeating or excess alcohol consumption.

Ge Hua Jie Chen Tang

Ge Hua Jie Chen Tang is an ideal formula to take if you have had too much alcohol. In addition to helping you cope with hangovers, the formula can help your body detox, reducing the effects of alcohol on your liver.

Bo He Wan

Bo He Wan can help your body digest food by helping to break it down, preventing digestive stagnation. The formula can also help to reduce bloating, helping you to feel more comfortable quickly, particularly after heavier meals.

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San is an effective formula to have if you have eaten something which didn’t agree with you and has left you with indigestion. You can also take the formula if you have caught a case of the stomach flu or food poisoning.

Pin Wei San

Pin Wei San can decrease stomach discomfort caused by eating too much cold food. The formula can help calm your stomach as well as ease your digestion, providing faster relief.

These are just a few of the formulas you can use to turn around holiday digestive issues. Talk to your practitioner if you have other eating-related discomfort and they can help find the ideal prescription for your concern and body type.

Always Consult Your‌ Practitioner Before Taking an Herb or Formula First

Even if you have used an herb or formula before to treat a digestive ailment, it is still critically important to consult with a licensed TCM practitioner before treating your new concerns. Many factors inform which herb you should take; these factors include your body type, expressed symptoms, any concurrent medical treatments and even environmental factors.

Your practitioner will consider all available information first, then tailor your prescription based on these facts afterward to optimize your treatment’s effectiveness. It is even more critical to consult your practitioner before taking herbs for digestive tract discomfort if you are currently pregnant or have an ongoing medical condition. By including your practitioner in your treatment decisions, you can maximize your safety, receive the full benefits of TCM and enjoy improved health, more speedily.

KPC Herbs wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!

The holidays are a time to slow down, reflect and enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer. Of course, a focal point of nearly every celebration you attend — after family and friendship — will be delicious food. A sumptuous meal can satisfy the body as well as boost your mood and wellbeing; the holidays would simply not be the same without food and drink – just enjoy responsibly! However, if you happen to have a little too much, you can rely on your practitioner and TCM to help you feel better. In fact, you can depend on both year-round to promote natural healing and sustain your long-term health.

KPC Herbs is proud to offer over five-generations of experience, expertise and commitment to quality to all of its customers. It is our joy to share with you the many benefits that TCM has to offer. We hope you have a joyous and safe holiday season and a happy new year. As always, we wish you good health!